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Skin Care Vancouver Mask Launch

Skin Care Vancouver: the Di Morelli HA Masque Launch

By Dimorelli

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Skin Care Vancouver just got a bit wiser about the benefits of Hyaluronic Acid.

It was our pleasure to host an informative evening with our local skin care vendors to celebrate the launch of our newest addition to Di Morelli Skin Care Products: the HA Masque. The event was held in Di Morelli’s Downtown Vancouver head office.

Our guests were treated to a Special Presentation by Di Morelli Founder, Dr. Robert Morrell on the science behind Hyaluronic Acid, the key ingredient in our masque. Also included were masque demos, refreshments and a question and answer session.

Special thanks to everyone who attended and made our launch successful!

For more information about our newly launched HA Masques, click here.

Skin Care Vancouver

Skin Care Vancouver Mask Launch

Skin Care Vancouver HA Masque Launch Presentation

Skin Care Vancouver HA Masque Demo

Skin Care Vancouver HA Masque Demo 2


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