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Retinol Serum

What is Retinol and why do you need it

By Di Morelli

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Did you know that retinol is one of the products that our skin specialists get asked about the most? This comes as no surprise since Retinol is one of the most clinically researched and proven active ingredients in the skin care industry. It’s the skin care ingredient that people can’t stop talking about! Whether you are wondering about what the best age is to start using Retinol, what effect it can have on the skin, or when to use Retinol, we can break it down for you!

What is Retinol?

There are different forms of retinol. However, Vitamin A (retinol) is commonly used in skin care and doesn’t require any referral to be safely used at home. Retinol is one of four Vitamin A creams in the family called retinoids. Retinoids work to treat the visible signs of premature aging, such as fine lines, age spots and other types of pigmentation. As a mild exfoliant, retinoids also unclog pores, preventing acne outbreaks and allow other topicals to work better.

Why is Retinol Effective?

Our body naturally contains Vitamin A which is responsible for skin cell renewal. Unfortunately, when the body has a Vitamin A deficiency it causes extreme dryness, ultimately resulting in fine lines, wrinkles, dullness and flakey skin. By applying Retinol topically, we are able to correct damage by stimulating the skin to produce a healthier, glowing complexion.

This makes retinol an effective anti-aging treatment.

Why is retinol the best anti-aging ingredient?

Cosmetically, the most common use of retinol is to prevent and correct the signs of aging in the skin as it is known to be one of the most powerful fighters again wrinkles. Retinol has the amazing ability to effectively stimulate collagen and increase cell turnover rate. Over time, as the dermis thickens, the appearance of lines and wrinkles minimizes. It also accelerates the skin’s ability to shed dull, dead skin cells, resulting in a smooth and bright complexion.


Retinol for Anti Aging

When can I use retinol?

Your production of collagen begins to decrease around the age of 25, which is when you start to see the initial signs of aging – crows feet, fine lines and brown spots caused by the sun. By using retinol, you help maintain a healthy skin cell turnover rate and keep your skin looking youthful.

How do I use retinol?

When using retinol for the first time, please keep in mind that this is a very active product. Retinol can increase sun sensitivity as it exfoliates the top layer of the skin, which is why it should be used topically only at night. During the day, it is essential to wear a sun protection to help reduce the chances of developing sunburn or any irritation to the skin. The Di Morelli SPF 35 with Vitamin E is a great daily sun protection that is suitable for all skin types including sensitive, oily and acne-prone skin. It’s lightweight, transparent and quick absorbing, leaving no greasy residue on the skin.

It is also recommended to begin your use of Retinol gradually. To prevent redness or irritation in the skin, it is recommended to use your Retinol Serum once every 2-3 nights for about a week to ten days. If your skin can tolerate more frequent use, you may increase use to every night. It is important to remember to not rush things just because you want quick results, it is best to give your skin adequate time to adjust to the product gradually.


Other Benefits

There are other benefits of using Retinol on your skin, such as:

Reduce the appearance of brown spots – Regular use of retinol will help to minimize the appearance of hyperpigmentation (brown spots) in the skin over time.

Brightening – because retinol has a mild exfoliating effect on the skin, it works to remove dry, dull skin, revealing smooth, healthy skin.

Is it safe to use retinol?

Retinol is fairly safe to use however, some Vitamin A products can cause dryness, redness, and flaking which is actually irritation—not a true and even exfoliation, like what you get from an ingredient like glycolic acid. Here are some contraindications that you may need to consider:

  • Don’t use a retinoid if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Benzoyl peroxide and alpha hydroxy acids (found in our Clear Skin Exfoliating pads) may deactivate retinoids, so don’t layer them.
  • Waxing can cause excess redness on retinoid-treated skin; don’t use a retinoid for several days before your treatment.
  • A small percentage of people with ultrasensitive skin can never tolerate a retinoid; if this is you, use a gentle physical exfoliator twice a week to soften your skin, and be extra-diligent about using SPF to prevent collagen loss in the first place.

Getting your best results with our Retinol Serum

When you’re using Retinol, be the turtle not the hare. Many skin care lines claim you’ll see results within weeks. Patience pays off here. It takes at least 12 weeks for retinol to produce noticeable changes in the skin—so stick with it for at least that long to see the benefits. Also, stronger isn’t always the superior; lower concentrations are the perfect retinol for most people, especially if you have sensitive skin or are using a retinol product for the first time. Make sure not to over do it. It won’t do your skin (or your wallet) any good by loading up on the good stuff. You only need to use one pea-size dab to cover your whole face. After a few minutes, apply a basic moisturizer to prevent dryness.

Retinol Serum


Di Morelli Retinol Serum is an advanced formula containing Retinol, Vitamin C and Co-enzyme Q10. This serum can be used on a nightly basis to promote a youthful, radiant skin.  An excellent choice for most skin types.

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