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Step Gracefully into Your 30s with a Fresh New Skin Care Routine

Dr. Morrell
Medically reviewed by Dr. Robert Morrell, MD

A Fresh New Skin Care Routine for Your Thirties

When you enter your thirties, you may want to update your skin care routine after noticing subtle changes in the quality and texture of your skin. Why? Cell turnover rates are gradually slowing down, and both collagen and elastin production decrease over time, creating fine lines or wrinkles. Also, fine lines can be caused by dehydration and the repetition of routine facial expressions like smiling or frowning.

Want to fall in love with your skin all over again and retain a youthful glow? Here are some simple skin care tips and recommended products to help you delay common signs of aging.

Cleanse Your Way to Beautiful, Ageless Skin

Are you someone who had a rigorous daily cleansing routine but you are no longer consistent with it because life has gotten in the way? This could be one of the reasons you find your skin dull or lacklustre. But, why you should use a facial cleanser? Removing makeup and other debris is a crucial part of taking care of your skin. And, it only takes a minute or two each night. That extra minute can help you achieve healthy skin and a glowing, radiant complexion.

Looking for a refreshing and light foaming gel to effectively remove makeup and impurities? Try our gentle face cleanser. You’ll love experiencing a powerful deep cleanse without dryness or irritation.

Targeted Treatments as Part of Your Skin Care Routine

Entering your thirties is a major milestone worth celebrating. It’s also an excellent time to review or adjust your current skin care routine steps. In many cases, what worked in previous years may not be the most effective choice as you ease gracefully into your thirties. So what should you do? Adding a targeted treatment or serum to your regimen is an absolute must. Generally, serums contain smaller molecules than regular creams or lotions and can therefore penetrate deeper into the layers of your skin. The formulas for targeted serums are typically much more concentrated with key active ingredients. By adding a serum to your skin care routine, you get the added benefit of boosting the efficiency and effectiveness of your day and night creams. Look for a serum with plenty of antioxidants to help protect your skin from free radical damage and premature signs of aging.

For an instant upgrade to your current skin care routine, try our revolutionary Vitamin C Serum for Face and Eye. This versatile formula minimizes fine lines and wrinkles while also lightening your dark spots to improve the overall texture, tone and appearance of your skin. Trust us, you’ll be amazed by the incredible benefits of using Vitamin C Serum for Face and Eye as part of your daily skin care routine.

Protect Your Skin from Environmental Damage

Your skin may also start to show early signs of hyperpigmentation or dark spots after you turn 30. Hello, sun protection! Ideally, you should start young with sun protection, but it’s never too late to embrace one of the best sunscreens for face and body protection. We recommend trying our lightweight, transparent SPF 35 Sunscreen to protect your skin from both UVA and UVB rays. We’re confident you’ll love it.

Healthy Skin is Beautiful Skin

Slowing down the process of premature aging is essential to keeping your skin looking young and healthy. Your skin will also benefit from rigorous sun protection and targeted treatments or serums. Not sure where to start or which skin care products are the perfect fit for you? Try our skin quiz to get personalized skin care routine recommendations from our consultants.

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