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Best time to use a sheet masque

by Di Morelli |

With the launch of our new HA Masques, a common question we hear is when is the best time to use this sheet masque?

First of all, there is never a bad time to use a high quality sheet masque, like the Di Morelli HA Masque. Once you’ve tried one, you’ll likely want to use one on a weekly basis as it is an excellent boost to any skin care regime. Skin looks healthier: smoother, brighter and more even toned.

We collected some great examples from staff and customers about when they use our masques to give you some ideas.


Arriving in a new country often means a different climate, either more dry or humid than what your skin is used to. The local water in your shower can vary as well, being ‘hard’ or ‘soft.’ These changes in external conditions can wreak havoc on skin.

Enter the sheet masque. Your masque will benefit you on your journeys in many ways. Let us walk you through it.

The Masque-Air-Aid

We all know the unpleasantness of stale, recycled air on flight which can have drying effects on your skin. Why arrive with dry and shrivelled skin when you can look dewy and plump?

A masque en route will get you this look. Logistically it makes perfect sense: you’re already seated with time to kill. (Bonus, it’s TSA approved and easily fits into your purse or carry on).

Masque en route

So long as you don’t mind looking a little quirky to your neighbour, it’s as easy as opening the package, applying the masque and then relaxing. There is no fuss or mess as any additional serum can be massaged down the neck and even along your arms to not waste a drop of the good stuff.

Now instead of losing moisture from the recycled air, you’re increasing the skin’s hydration levels.

There are ingredients in our HA Masques that are exceptionally good at helping counteract the post-flight ugly: the obvious being the Hyaluronic Acid. This ingredient is actually produced naturally in the body, and is responsible for moisture retention in the skin. As we age our bodies produce less and less HA, so it’s important to replenish it topically.

Also, plant complexes such as broccoli, sea buckthorn and avocado will sit on your skin and work their magic while you rest:

  • Broccoli – an antioxidant and nourishing
  • Sea Buckthorn – healing and rejuvenating
  • Avocado – moisturizing and nourishing

Exposure to dry/harsh climates

The same properties mentioned above will help counteract the negative effects of new harsh climates. Our masque contains Niacin-amide (Vitamin B3). This powerful ingredient works to firm your skin, and also has a brightening effect.

The HA Masques also contain an amino acid complex which helps to stimulate collagen and repair your skin.

Business travel

Some business travellers may be heading to an important conference or event on. Read on.

Before an Event

You know how important a first impression is. Consider a bright, radiant complexion versus a dull, tired looking one? You’re glow and rested-looking skin will send out the message that you’re confident and organized. (At least you can look like you got eight hours sleep even if you didn’t).

To help achieve this radiance, we added more plant extracts that stimulate and brighten skin:

  • Pine Needles – Stimulating
  • Lemon – Brightening

Extreme heat/sun exposure

When you’ve been exposed to too much sun or heat, it’s crucial that you bring down inflammation that it may have caused. Antioxidants are also important to the skin at this time. These antioxidants act as a sort of mop to clean up (destroy) the free radicals introduced from the UV radiation overexposure.

After aggravating procedures

Again, your aim is to reduce inflammation that a skin treatment or procedure may have caused and soothe the skin.

So to reduce inflammation and increase antioxidant levels in skin, we added the following extracts to the masques:

  • Apricot – antioxidant
  • White Mulberry – antioxidant
  • White Cedar – anti-inflammatory
  • Simple Leaf Chaste Tree – anti-inflammatory
  • Elder Berry- antioxidant, anti-inflammatory

The important thing to remember is regular moisturizers sometimes just won’t meet your needs. Moisturizers have some portion that will evaporate due to the heat of the skin and the contents of the product. Yet with a masque, the contents are under a sheet which helps to lock in hydration, and allow a deeper penetration of all the nutrients and extracts in the product.

Plus you get to scare everyone around you with your Halloween’esque look for the duration of your treatment!

Sheet Masque

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