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Don’t Sweat it: We have your post gym skin care routine sorted

by Di Morelli |

Simple skin fitness for active bodies.

Many people stress about their skin when starting a new fitness program because they worry the extra sweat, and sometimes dirt, associated with working out can cause acne, break-outs and other issues. No matter what sport you’re into, this simple skin care routine will help you achieve healthy skin while you get super fit. Skin fitness has never been so easy!

How to take care of your skin post work out.

There are countless skin care lines on the market, which can be stressful when choosing the right product for your skin type. One brand might contain a myriad of products though they produce mostly the same results. Our line works so well we don’t feel the need to bedazzle you by launching a new product every week. Di Morelli is a simple-to-use cosmeceutical line that achieves maximum results with less products stuffing up your bathroom cabinet.

What if we disrupt our regular routine with lots of sweat, dirt and oil from exercising? Do we need to go out and purchase specific products to address the problem? Does a simple skin care routine still work?

Because we use the highest quality ingredients, without adding any fillers that may in fact irritate skin or cause more problems, our products work wonders even just on their own. That being said, we have tested our line in various ways, including combining products to see how they work synergistically to address almost every skin problem.

We narrowed down the essentials to combat acne and other issues when you start a new fitness regime. For all you active, sweat-loving folks, we created a simple skin care routine to promote skin health after a working out.

Your post gym skin care routine in 3 easy steps:

1) Cleanse
Our light foaming Cleanser effectively removes sweat, dirt, makeup and excess oil without causing irritation or dryness. Perfect for a deep cleanse without stripping the skin of its healthy oils.

2) Hydrate
Our light Hydrating gel will soothe your skin after a tough workout with an instant cooling effect. Your skin will feel refreshed and hydrated.

3) Protect
Our oil-free, matte SPF 35 will provide a protection against UVA and UVB rays. Safe for use during all outdoor activities.

4) Exfoliate
Prevent breakouts, unclog pores and create a smooth, even skin tone with our Clear Skin Exfoliating Pads.

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