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Why Distribute Di Morelli Skin Care?

The vision of Di Morelli Skin Care is to partner with recognized distributors who have the ability to reach global consumers with a passion for obtaining optimal skin health with integrity and consistency. Our products are formulated with science based ingredients that are clinically tested to provide results.

We take pride in supporting our distributors with sophisticated educational programs for their clients, which in return will educate the end consumer to select the right products to address their skin concerns, obtain desired results and therefore generate continued business.

What does Di Morelli have to offer?

  1. 8 medical grade skin care products with active ingredients and proven results
  2. Prices are set in USD rather than euros, the manufacturing plant is based in Canada
  3. Literature available in English and Spanish
  4. Multilanguage staff available to support you
  5. Customizable advertisements adapted to your needs
  6. Continuous education support through our online platforms (videos, webinars)
  7. All of our products are oil free, paraben free and haven´t been tested on animals

These are a few examples of why Di Morelli is a great company to partner with. We welcome the opportunity of discussing this further with you.

Di Morelli is an elite Canadian brand that inspires trust and quality. Each product serves a purpose, whether used alone or used in combination with other treatments. Our strength is versatility. We strive to help everyone look their best at any age.

If you are interested in becoming a distributor please fill out the form below and we will contact you. If you have any questions in the meantime please call us at 604-428-1561 or email us at


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