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Q. In which order do I use the Vitamin C and Brightener for morning and night?

A. When using both Vitamin C and Brightener one should use Vitamin C in the morning and Brightener at night.


Q. What is Matrixyl?
A. Matrixyl is a peptide made up of five amino acids that are linked together and attach to a fatty acid.


Q. What is the percentage of zinc oxide in SPF 35?

A. The percentage of zinc in the SPF is 10%.


Q. Are Di Morelli products hypoallergenic?
A. Yes, Di Morelli products are hypoallergenic.


Q. Are they oil free?
A. Yes, all Di Morelli products are oil free.



Q. Where are the fragrances derived from?
A. All fragrances in in Di Morelli products are derived from natural sources.


Q. What is the concentration of hyaluronic acid in the moisturizer?
A. The concentration of hyaluronic acid in the moisturizer is 5%.


Q. Is the glycerin derived from animal or vegetable sources?
A. The glycerin in Di Morelli is derived from vegetable/plant sources.


Q. Can a person with a gluten-free diet use the brightener?
A. Yes, a person with a gluten-free diet can use Di Morelli. There is no gluten in our products and they can not affect organs.