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Meet Dr Morrell

Dr. Robert Morrell
Founder of Di Morelli Skin Care


From a simple topical Vitamin C serum to a full line of the best skin care products

Dr. R. W Morrell is a graduate of the University of British Columbia’s biochemistry program. Upon academic completion, he began practicing medicine in Vancouver and has continued for over 25 years. His dedicated approach to medicine and personal care ensures his patients receive the highest level of technical efficacy and the utmost standard of care.

In 1999 he founded one of Vancouver’s leading medical aesthetics clinics, the Medical Rejuvenation Centre (MRC), offering various forms of non-surgical skin care services.

Seeking the highest level of treatment for his patients with skin problems and aging skin, he began formulating and clinically testing topicals with active medical ingredients, starting with a topical Vitamin C serum. From there he continued to develop other anti-aging skin care products.

After years of success stories with clients, including A-list celebrities, he officially launched his cosmeceutical product line Di Morelli in 2008. Now Di Morelli offers the best skin care products not just for MRC clients but for retail in Canada and across the globe.

Dr. Morrell is a spokesperson and technical trainer for intermediate and advanced techniques on behalf of Allergan and Medicis cosmetics. He travels extensively as an educator, advocating higher standards of care and efficacy.

He sat on the Board of Directors for the Canadian Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (CAAM) which enabled him to be actively involved in structuring guidelines designed to promote premium level of care and technical abilities for all practicing medical aesthetic physicians. He presently teaches Lasers and Aesthetic Medicine at Langara University.

Moving forward Dr. Morrell continues to seek new technologies and techniques while remaining passionate and committed to continuing his work in the cosmetic industry.

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