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Eye Revival Kit

51 reviews

Stimulate collagen to reduce fine lines and minimize dark circles

Eye Revival Kit

Stimulate collagen to reduce fine lines and minimize dark circles

51 reviews

Dr. Morrell designed this kit to restore the delicate skin around the eye area. Combining Eye Cream and Vitamin C Serum will dramatically tighten skin, smooth fine lines, and reduce puffiness and the appearance of dark circles around the eye area.


SUITABLE FOR: All skin types

Individual results may vary

Say goodbye to tired eyes

Treat the delicate skin around the eye, reducing puffiness and dark circles

Medical Grade Ingredients
Made In Canada
Not Tested On Animals
Safe For Sensitive Skin
How to use
MORNING: Apply one or one and a half pumps of our Vitamin C Serum for Face and Eye to clean skin, covering your neck, face, and the delicate skin around your eyes
MORNING: Once the Vitamin C Serum for Face and Eye has absorbed, proceed with applying the Eye Cream
MORNING: Apply a rice-sized amount of Eye Cream around the eye contour using your ring finger, so you do not apply too much pressure.
MORNING: Lightly massage until the product is absorbed. Do not pull at the skin.
EVENING: Vitamin C Serum remains active in the skin for up to 24 hours after application. If you have applied this product in the morning, it is not necessary to re-apply at night.
EVENING: Apply Eye Cream to the eye contour, following the same directions as listed above.
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Customer Reviews
51 reviews
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Thelma Q.
This kit and product are amazing!
Nichole W.
I was already using medical grade Vit C and eye serum, but I definitely already notice an improvement. I think being able to use the Vit C on the eye area has really helped with the really fine lines to fade. And the eye cream is so moisturizing, I love the texture. I bought the face lotion as well and definitely my favorite lotion I have ever used. It feels amazing on my skin and is super moisturizing but not heavy. No issues with layering under sunscreen and makeup. I'm looking forward to trying more products.
Betty C.
I found my eyes are much smoother and it has helped the bags!
Donna R.
Best products
janice c.
The eye cream is the best ever. It is a delicate texture, yet perfectly moisturizing. The Vitamin C is great to add after cleansing. I particularly like the coverage over the eyes too.
Lisa J.
I love all the skin care products in this line..
Taylor D.
I’ve been using these products for about a year now and love them!
Joan R.
I love the sensitivity and lightness of these products. My skin feels healthy and not weighted down.
Liz R.
Best eye cream out there!
Mirela C.
Maureen K.
The kit has definitely reduced the fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes. I will continue using these great products from Di Morelli for younger looking eyes.
Kim Y.
Love this combination, goes on and absorbs well. Keeps the skin around my eyes healthy.
Karen G.
Love these products!
Leilane R.
The Vit C is great! It is easy to apply, I feel instantaneously the hydration in my face. The hyaluronic acid is great too! Easy to apply, do not block my pores, hydrates deeply and do not interfere with my makeup! I recommend both!
Breanna M.
I have very sensitive/combination skin. I have had a difficult time finding a Vitamin C that works for my skin. I have milia and hyperpigmentation, and I can quickly tell when a product isnt suitable for my skin. So far, these products have been amazing. The absorption is so nice, no residue, heaviness or greasiness. The oil free formula is perfect. The eye cream has been equally loved, it doesn't clog the skin around my eyes (increase milia). My skin is instantly revived looking when I apply every morning. Extra love that it is "locally" developed in Vancouver. Happy to finally try these products!
Brenda B.
I just started using the Vitamin C serum and eye cream and I really like them. I love the consistency of the serum and the fact that there is no smell. I having been using Di Morelli moisturizer for the last few months and will definitely reorder and continue with this regimen.
Olivia S.
A vitamin c serum that doesn't burn or irritate. Eye cream is unscented and gentle.
Debra C.
Love the products! Use it everyday. The eye cream seems to help with firmness around the eye lid
Rachel W.
love it VC is a great product
Maggie G.
I love how soft the vitamin C makes my skin feel
Cynthia N.
I’ve been using DiMorelli products for years and have never been disappointed with any of them. The Vitamin C and the Brightener are my absolute favourites though.
Mavis W.
I am a woman in her late 50s. I Noticed a significant difference in my eye wrinkles since using this product for over six months. , I’d recommend it to anybody.
Elsa S.
Radiant skin with the vitamin C serum — it really works. Love the eye cream as well.
Vitamin C goes on really smooth and refreshing Eye cream brings down my under eye puffiness
Eva N.
I'm using Di Morally product's since 2015 every day. Especially Vitamin C, daily spy moisturizer and eye creme. I love your products. I'm 61 and my skin feels much younger.
Karen C.
I’ve only had the products a few weeks so it’s a bit early but so far my skin seems smooth and bright. Also great value in buying as a kit. Looking forward to seeing the long term results.
Mary G.
I love the way this cream absorbs into the eye area. No heavy or greasy feeling. It has helped my eyes maintain a freshness.
Mila S.
Have been using Vitamin C serum for a week already. No irritation, absorbes well. Too early to see the results. I guess. The only worry I have at the moment is that alcohol is high in the ingredient list.
Yasmin J.
Great product!! Skin around the eyes feel tighter and smoother, and more hydrated. The best eye cream I have ever used. Highly recommend this product 100% .
Judy B.
If you want younger, brighter looking skin you must try the Revival Kit. I was already a big fan of Di Morelli using the cleanser and moisturizer. But the addition of the Vitamin C and eye cream took my skin to a whole new level. It feels and looks tighter, less lines and more youthful. I'm impressed and will continue with the Di Morelli line. Have added the SPF now. My husband has also started using the line and loves it. Evened out his skin tone.
Bev S.
I’ve never had an eye product work like these do. After 1 application the eyelid had lifted and continues to do so. My extreme bags are much reduced as well.
Siania B.
Products seem to be very high quality and the dispensing system is very good especially as vitamin C can oxidize very quickly when exposed to air.
Mary M.
I have used several different Vitamin C serums over the years and this product is one of the best. The eye cream adds just the right amount of moisture.
Jennifer W.
I love the eye revival kit! The vitamin C makes my skin feel soft and it looks healthier. The eye cream really helps to get rid of the puffiness under my eyes. I would recommend both of these products.
Heather P.
Products have top drawer packaging, are mild scented and easily applied.
Liz R.
Such a great deal for some stellar high quality products. Love them both! But C Serum is an absolute must.
Cyrel S.
Works every time! 👌
Kathy W.
I have sensitive rosacea prone skin. These products are perfect for me.
Hazel T.
Have been using it for only a few weeks but I really like what it does so far. Will probably keep using it.
Jacqui L.
Love every product but theses two are my most favorite!
Connie L.
Goes on nice but have been using it for quite awhile and am sad there is no improvement what so ever :(
Susan D.
Only been using this a couple of weeks but notice positive benefits already.
Bonny S.
I like all the products, the cleanser leaves your face squeaky clean. My husband has been using the hydrating gel and I have noticed a big difference in his skin, reducing fine lines. I have had issues in the past with the pumps on my eye cream.
Rajbeer B.
The vit c is my absolute favourite. I’ve tried many brands over the years but ultimately came back to dr morellis brand. This is my first time using the eye cream but so far so good. A little goes a long way. Really smooths out the skin and my face is bright and clean. Love it!
Fern S.
These products are the best that I have bought in years, I have used the Vitamin C serum and Eye cream and I can see the difference. These products are all wonderful.
Zorana P.
Janet P.
Only been using these products for a short time, I like the way my skin feels & looks.
Cyrel S.
Awesome products and a must always have!!👌
Janis S.
After applying the Vitamin C and Eye Cream my face feels like I've just had a long cool drink of water after a run. Hydrated and refreshed.
Christine K.
This cream is moist but not greasy. I am enjoying using it .
Flo T.
Love your products, the new eye cream is amazing - the vitamin C serum I have been using for years and I love it as well.
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