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Hydrating Face Mask

32 reviews

Intensely hydrate and plump your skin for a refreshingly cool feel

Hydrating Face Mask

Intensely hydrate and plump your skin for a refreshingly cool feel

32 reviews


  • Boost hydration and radiance
  • Attract and retain moisture using hyaluronic acid
  • Repair and restore the skin with 14 botanical extracts
  • Give you a brighter, more radiant complexion
  • Minimize fine lines and wrinkles

KEY INGREDIENTS: Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide, Peptides.

SUITABLE FOR: All skin types including sensitive skin.

SIZE: Each box contains 4 sheet masks

Individual results may vary.

Refreshingly cool, it intensely hydrates and plumps your skin

Get a concentrated boost of hydration with hyaluronic acid

Medical Grade Ingredients
Made In Canada
Not Tested On Animals
Safe For Sensitive Skin
Key IngredientsIngredients
HYALURONIC ACIDHas the ability to hold 1000 times its weight in water and effectively hydrates all skin types
NIACINAMIDEAn antioxidant, restores radiance and repairs damage. Also helps to minimize fine-lines and brightens skin
PEPTIDESChain of amino acids that help in hydrating, firming and brightening the skin
How to use
Cleanse your skin and pat dry with a clean towel
Gently remove sheet mask from the sachet and unfold it
Place the mask on face, adjusting to fit around eyes and nose area first, then lightly pat into skin
Allow the mask to sit on the skin for 15-20 minutes then remove the sheet and massage excess product into skin
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Customer Reviews
32 reviews
5 stars30
4 stars2
3 stars0
2 stars0
1 star0
Wei D.
Lena W.
Really moisturizes and plumps the skin
Eugenia C.
Loved this mask! Can feel the after effects for several days.
Blesilda v.
This mask is hydrating! I apply the mask at night for half an hour and I wake up with a skin that is smooth and rejuvenated. Highly recommended!
Selina M.
The Vitamin C Serum and masks work like there suppose to. Skin feels brilliant and the masks leave your skin smooth and plump. Highly recommend the products.
Leanna I.
Very hydrating
Thuy D.
Patricia T.
I also use the eye, lip & mask products, wonderful, wonderful products. The eye cream doesn’t hurt my sensitive eyes, my lips don’t peel anymore & the masks feel so good on my face……the only downside is the pricing on the retinol but it works!
Caroline G.
I strongly recommend Dr Morelli. The customer service is outstanding.
Lindsay W.
My go to; absolute best face masks - so nourishing, hydrating and invigorating!
Natalie B.
Love putting one of these on with some great music during a long soak in a warm bath.
Joan C.
I like the Vitamin E serum. I’m considering the moisturizer, after I finish another product.
Margaret M.
Absolutely love this sheet mask, it has definitely become a staple in my skincare routine! Very hydrating, makes my skin feel incredible and is very gentle so it doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin at all.
Wanda P.
Works exactly as advertised, very hydrating mask.
Selina M.
Makes my skin feel soft, smooth and hydrated.
Mary G.
I love this product. It gives my face an extra boost and looks great after applying.
Jiawen W.
excellent experience!
Flo T.
Mask leaves your face feeling silky smooth and hydrated, love them!
Dominique B.
These are amazing! The difference to my skin is noticeable when I am and am not using these.
Huirui H.
The material of the mask is really soft. I like this mask. I think I will buy it again
Bernice J.
Amazing results
Leslie L.
I just used one for the moment and after using I feel my face so moisture. I recommend it to everyone
Fern S.
I love the hydrating face mask , it is the best product that I ever used.Thank you
Debbie G.
I absolutely love these masks. My skin looks and feels wonderful after I use one. I have stocked up so I can use them more regularly. Di Morelli are by far my favourite skin products
I was gifted one of these face masks so I wanted to save it for the perfect occasion. After getting a really bad sunburn, I thought it couldn't be a better time to heavily hydrate my poor burnt skin. The mask felt amazing on my face and my skin felt so soft and fresh after. There was also enough product that I was able to rub some of the excess into my burnt chest and shoulders. I'm so happy with everything about this mask and I can't wait to buy more.
Carolynn M.
The service that I have received from Dr DiMorelli's company has been second to none. An outstanding product line (I use the vitamin C and hydrating mask) and an even more accommodating staff!
Trish T.
Absolutely love these masks. I leave them on for about 45 minutes then rub in the moisture with my ring finger in little circles. My face feels so soft and my fine lines disappear!
Sarah D.
Amazing product!
Ioulia C.
Love my HA masks
Debbie G.
Love this masque. My skin felt and looked wonderful after one use
Debby C.
Used it for the first time and was quite surprised with the results. I am a healthy 59 year old woman and I wanted to perk my skin up for an awards ceremony. My skin felt fresh and hydrated and looked much more healthy. I will use the mask again.
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