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Spring Sale - Sitewide up to 30% OFF!
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SPF 35 Sunscreen

83 reviews

Protect your skin with our lightweight, broad spectrum sunscreen

SPF 35 Sunscreen

Protect your skin with our lightweight, broad spectrum sunscreen

83 reviews


  • Protect against sunburns by fighting UVB rays
  • Limit accelerated signs of aging by blocking UVA rays
  • Quickly absorb into the skin without leaving a white residue

KEY INGREDIENTS: Micronized Zinc Oxide 10%, Vitamin E, and Vitamin B5

RECOMMENDED FOR: Preventing Hyperpigmentation and accelerated signs of aging and sunburn.

SKIN TYPES: All skin types including oily or sensitive, oily and acne-prone skin

SIZE: 120 millimeters 

Individual results may vary.

*The tube might have some minor scratches or printing defects. The product expires Nov. 2023.
This product is final sales.

Transparent broad spectrum sun protection for all skin types

Physical sunscreen with a non-greasy, matte-finish

Medical Grade Ingredients
Made In Canada
Not Tested On Animals
Safe For Sensitive Skin
Key IngredientsIngredients
MICRONIZED ZINC OXIDE 10%Safe for sensitive skin, this is commonly used as a physical sunblock against UVA and UVB rays
VITAMIN B5Helps keep skin healthy and smooth, while also effective in calming inflammation
VITAMIN EProtects your skin from harsh environmental aggressors and repairs damage
How to use
This product should be the last product applied after all other skin care products
Apply a nickel-sized amount to desired area and lightly massage until absorbed
It is recommended to be used on a daily basis and reapplied every two hours or after intense physical activity or swimming
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Customer Reviews
83 reviews
5 stars77
4 stars6
3 stars0
2 stars0
1 star0
Selina M.
I cannot leave the house without applying this on my face and neck. Love how it protects my skin and how it makes my skin feel. You won’t be disappointed!!
Nancy S.
Perfect for everyday, under makeup or on its own. Love it, even if a bit pricey.
Colleen H.
Have been using this for 3 years and it’s my favorite. Light weight yet effective.
Fatima M.
Feel the same about the sunscreen.
Angelina Z.
Rachel J.
Like all the Di Morelli products that I have used this sunscreen does not disappoint.:It goes on easily, is light and doesn’t Leave a film .
Kim W.
I’m so grateful to have discovered Di Morelli products. ❤️❤️❤️ The sunscreen is great because it moisturizes but doesn’t leave my skin shiny.
Erin M.
I love this product and wear it everyday !
Lisa M.
I was allergic to every sunscreen I tried until this one! I have very sensitive skin and can wear a product for a few times and then my skin turns bright red! This sunscreen is amazing! I can wear it every day - even on my most sensitive neck area! Thank you so much for this great Canadian product! Lisa Calgary
Victoria L.
It is easy to apply and is great for sensitive skin.
Ana S.
Perfect to daily use!
Lorraine E.
Best sunscreen. Goes on easy without white mask. Also like the vitamin E. It is quite pricey but worth it.
Dixie T.
Gotta have face sunscreen
Ginette C.
Goes on like a moisturizer, non greasy, would recommend
Greer N.
I'm a huge fan of this sunblock. It keeps my face moisturized and protected. I use it every day and have been for many years.
Dr S.
This product is simply phenomenal. My daughter is allergic to so many sunscreens and has absolutely no issue with this and is protected from sun daily with it, unlike other products where she has had a rash or gotten burned despite lathering it on. We both use this daily and absolutely love its light, non-greasy feel and it smells good too
Evanna B.
Use daily as recommended late and easy to apply
Rebecca C.
It works on my face, using these cream for years!
Thanh P.
I learned about the brand 2yrs ago and it’s a stable brand for my face. Ive been using this spf35 product consistently. It’s strangely addicting because my brain associates it as a no brainer and satisfying product.
Natalie B.
This is my go to for my face year round and the rest of my body when the sun is shining.
Nicole V.
I have tried many many face sunscreens that I have hated. I love this sunscreen and the only one that I consistently use and reapply multiple times during the day. I love that it is a Canadian company. The only problem is that the sunscreen stings my eyes sometimes - not enough to stop using it though.
Amy L.
Loving this SPF cream. It’s super light, absorbent and does not leave your face greasy like other SPF creams. I highly recommend!
Wakana A.
Love this stuff. No balling up It’s great for under makeup I’ve just ordered second one
Siania B.
I really like this sunscreen and have been using it for the past couple of years. I have sensitive skin and a bit of rosacea. It goes on well and doesn't give a white cast to your skin. I've never had a burn since I started using it and would highly recommend it.
Miki R.
This SPF35 cream has been the best sunblock I’ve ever used in my life! No scent, not greasy and does it’s job to block the sun for me. I will be using this year-round for the rest of my life :)
Angela C.
Love that this SPF leaves no white cast on deeper skin tones! Works well on sensitive skin too
Carol B.
I am always in search of the perfect sun product and have finally found it in this beautiful product. Not only is the protective factor (FPS 35) the required level, it lives up to its claim of being non oily. Prior to discovering this product, the higher the FPS the stickier and uncomfortable it was on the skin. This sunscreen is fantastic whether it be alone or under makeup.
Mary G.
I’m not a person that enjoys applying sunscreen but this product I can tolerate. It absorbs well and doesn’t leave a film or my skin feeling greasy.
Julie S.
This is my fav. I put it on every morning. It goes in smooth and easy, no greasy feeling. It just feels good on my face.
Tina T.
I love this product. It doesn't have dangerous carcinogenic chemicals in it that the advertised products have, and you can trust it to keep you looking hot but without the burn. Great under makeup as well.
Courtney V.
I have used this sunscreen on my face and neck for years. It soaks in nicely, a little goes a long way and it is not heavy.
Dawn C.
Extremely pleased with the sunscreen from Di Morelli. Never experience "white" face with this cream.
Michael F.
This product provides very good sun protection, spreads easily & is easy to wash off.
Fern S.
I wear the SPF 35 everyday, it is the best that I have ever used.
Katy C.
It goes on smooth with no stickiness. Wonderful product!
Kristy T.
My kids and I use this sunscreen, and we love it. Non greasy and smooth and does not leave your face white.
Shelley T.
Great product, the whole family of 6 use it and I have recommended it to others
Jiawen W.
Orian H.
Carol W.
good coverage and non greasy for face. perfect!
Jane S.
Great sun protection! Soaks in immediately - light, non greasy feel. I use it daily.
Ceci L.
Kim I.
The SPF cream does not smell funny. It is not oily or greasy! Thanks Di Morelli!
N L.
Great product. Goes well on your skin and doesn’t clump up.
Charles N.
When the rainy days end, I will be prepared with a great sunscreen.
Mikiko A.
I’ve been using this product for a long time. Perfect for all seasons:) I really recommended.
Linda T.
Best product I have ever tried! My face is very sensitive to products, and I have never had a breakout or reaction to this product
Flo T.
I have been using Dr. Morelli's products for quite a few years and they are all exceptional. My skin is always properly hydrated and feels great....almost 60 and very little sagging and wrinkles! Thank you!
Bonny G.
Really like this sunscreen, it’s nice and light and wears well under makeup. I don’t use moisturizer, just the vit. C serum and this 😊
Kaitlin P.
Love this sunscreen
Dominique B.
Best sunscreen ever - lightweight and non-greasy. Works great under makeup as well!
Jacqui L.
Jill W.
This one does the trick, not greasy and works well.
Naomi K.
Smooth texture that spreads out nicely with only a small drop.
Leigh M.
This sunscreen doesn’t feel too greasy or sticky. It goes on smoothly and feels light. It also doesn’t make my skin break out. I use it every day. Recommend it
Terry D.
This sunscreen has eliminated the need for a separate moisturizer during the day. It is absorbed quickly, does not leave a white cast and dries to a slightly dewy but not shiny finish on my skin. It also works well under makeup. I will definitely repurchase.
Christine K.
This sunscreen works well for daily use. It is not greasy and odour.
Barbara H.
I am an active 64 year old. I garden, hike, cycle (25-60 km), and camp. Other face sunscreens have burned my eyes when I am sweating. This sunscreen gives wonderful coverage and does not adversely bother my eyes when I am active outdoors. I have not burned, not once, while using this product. It is non-greasy and feels good on my skin.
Kim S.
I love this sun screen! Not greasy, great protection!
Sheri B.
This has been my go-to every day sunscreen for years. It disappears on your skin like no other sun screen and works beautifully. Used over Brightener its the perfect combo for terrific skin. I cannot recommend this brand of skin care enough - absolutely the best.
Maryanne R.
This product is unique in that it’s silky and not sticky, and I like that!!!
Selina M.
Been using the SPF 35, love it. I use it over the moisturizer and my skin looks and feels amazing.
Irina K.
I'm enjoying it! Thank you! :)
Natalie B.
Love this product. Is not greasy or white when it goes on. Great everyday or medium level coverage.
Donna M.
Love love this sunscreen. Wear it everyday and is great under makeup. Just wish it came in a pump.
Tony A.
I use it and I know it makes my skin not break out like it used to
Mary S.
Really works well. Lovely texture and no greasy feel, odd smell or chalky white residue.
Courtney V.
I always use sunscreen but mindful about that I put on my skin. This SPF does not irritate, it works and the price is right. I’ve used it for years now.
Guest S.
I have been using this product for years and love it. Absorbs perfectly.
Sandra C.
Very light and non greasy and not heavy on the face
Debbie G.
I use this everyday. I’ve stocked up so I won’t run out. Goes on beautifully and not greasy at all.
Jessica O.
Non irritating. Trustworthy ingredients. Rubs in without making me look like a ghost.
Mikiko A.
I’ve been using the product SPF for long time.I really really like it.,summer winter.
Kari M.
I’ve used many sunscreens over the years and this one is by far the best and makes your skin feel really soft.
Kristy T.
I have my whole family using the SPF 35, we all love it because it absorbs quickly and it is not greasy. Thank you for making a great sunscrean cream.
Kelly K.
Best sunscreen I have ever used. Goes on light and rubs in easily. Perfect for under makeup.
Barbara D.
This is the only sunblock I use on my face. It goes on like a moisturizer and doesn't smell - and it works! It's the first thing in my luggage when I head to Mexico.
Penelope P.
To say that I’ve tried numerous sunscreens would be an understatement. I have extremely sensitive and acne prone skin. This means I must use sunscreens, but when I do, my skin gets irritated. I came across this one and I have to say that the formulation is effective, gentle, and the most cosmetically elegant formulation I’ve tried. It comes in a large tube too, so the price per ml is very, very reasonable.
Ian H.
I've been using the SPF 30 with vitamin E for over two weeks now and I love it. It is lightweight, non-greasy and has excellent sun protection. I've been out in the sun a lot and this product has kept me nice and pale (meaning no sun damage), just how I like it.
I am 66 years old and have had a lifetime of sun from lifeguarding to Sailing and walking year round. I have never used a sun screen until this year. Just couldn't find a brand I liked enough to use everyday. I love Di Morelli Sunscreen. Love the non toxic ingredients and the absorption. It blends right in. I am totally committed to wearing it every day as part of my morning facial regime. Just spent a week in Hawaii. No burning, but a bit of sun kissed colour.
I like that this formula isn't sticky and it contain zinc oxide as the active ingredient. It doesn't seem to clog my pores either.
I love being outside hiking, walking the seawall and, an avid gardener. Whenever I used sunscreen my face would itch and eyes would sting. I began using SPF 45 about a year ago, happy to say no skin reaction and no eye discomfort. It has a lovely texture and I use it daily throughout the year. Definitely recommended.
I absolutely love the Di Morelli sunscreen. I have oily skin and every other SPF I have tried made me break out. I highly recommend this product for everyone!
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