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Summer Kit




Environmental aggressors such as sun exposure, pollution and blu light can all cause accelerated damage to the skin leading to premature aging and hyperpigmentation. 

We created this kit containing our SPF 35 and Cleanser to make it easier for you to maintain healthy skin. Our mild foaming Cleanser gently removes debris, while daily use of our SPF 35 effectively protects your skin

How does it work?

SPF 35 – Di Morelli’s unique formula delivers weightless, invisible defense against UVA & UVB rays that makes wearing daily sun protection fit easily into your routine.

Cleanser – This refreshing, mild foaming cleansing gel gently removes makeup, excess oil and debris from your skin without causing dryness or irritation. Your skin will feel clean and comfortable.

95% of the skin’s accelerated aging comes from the sun

UVA rays still penetrate the glass in your office and your car.

All skin tones need SPF, even if you rarely burn.

Don't forget to apply spf to your ears, neck, chest and hands.

UVA rays are just as present in winter, spring, and fall as they are in summer