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3-Step Solution For Dark Spots

22 reviews

Reduce dark spots and protect your skin from further sun damage

3-Step Solution For Dark Spots

Reduce dark spots and protect your skin from further sun damage

22 reviews

Dr. Morrell designed this powerful kit to quickly improve uneven tone, reduce redness, exfoliate the skin and visibly reduce wrinkles. The kit is composed of products containing antioxidants, vitamins, naturally derived acids (AHAs & BHAs), polypeptides and minerals. These formulas will work together to minimize the appearance of dark spots, targeting hyperpigmentation and brown spots, uneven skin texture, rough skin, acne scarring and redness.


SUITABLE FOR: All skin types, though sensitive skin may need to adjust the frequency of use

Individual results may vary. While using our Brightener Serum, please limit sun exposure and apply Di Morelli SPF 35 Sunscreen while you are using the product and for a week afterwards.

Minimize dark spots and protect your skin

Target hyperpigmentation and uneven skin texture

Medical Grade Ingredients
Made In Canada
Not Tested On Animals
Safe For Sensitive Skin
How to use
MORNING: Apply one or one and a half pumps of our Vitamin C Serum for Face and Eye to clean skin, covering your neck, face, and the delicate skin around your eyes
MORNING: Once the Vitamin C Serum for Face and Eye has absorbed, proceed with applying SPF 35. If you skin is dry, you may want to consider applying Hydrating Booster or Moisturizer first.
MORNING: Apply a dime sized amount of SPF 35 to the entire face. Lightly massage until you cannot see any product on the surface of the skin.
EVENING: Apply Brightener Serum to cleansed skin, avoiding the eye area. If it is your first time using this product, we recommend that you apply it 2-3 times per week, and then gradually increase usage to every night if possible. Using this product too frequently can cause peeling and irritation.
EVENING: You may experience a tingling sensation upon application, this should dissipate after 2-5 minutes.
EVENING: You may want to apply a Moisturizer or Hydrating Serum once this product is fully absorbed.
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Customer Reviews
22 reviews
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Erin M.
Love these products !!! Never have had a bad experience 😊
Anna P.
Love it! The sunscreen is not oily and feels very light weight. I think my skin is looking better already after just a few weeks use.
Terry M.
Great 3-step combo for dark spots! Everything works well on my 62 - year old face.
Rachel W.
great products
Maureen K.
The 3 step solution have lightened my melasma after a month of using the products regularly. The ingredients absorb directly into my skin and they feel non greasy and fresh upon application.
Kathryn T.
These products all feel great on my skin but I have yet to see a lightening of my dark spots
Maryanne S.
This is a wonderful kit. I use the vitamin C and SPF every morning and love them both. Have only tried the Brightener once. Found it quite strong for my sensitive skin. Will continue using but only once a week. Order and delivery was fast and easy. Wish there was a Dr. Morelli clinic here.
Miriam G.
I have been using Dimorelli products for almost a year now and I can feel the difference in my skin, I love the texture, smell, and consistency, which is made for me, and the result is my skin health and my lines smoothed.
Peter L.
The product is effective removing the dark spots and vitamin C serum is good.
Erin M.
I love Di Morelli products , especially the vitamin C serum . I would like to try the products for acne but they seem to be always sold out .
Lori B.
Only been using for a month now but really liking the way my skin feels. Still waiting for the dark spots to fade more but it’s getting there. Love the sunscreen is very light on the skin , not sticky or heavy.
Robin S.
Love all of the products. Have made a difference in my complexion.
Kiana K.
I had signs of sun damage since last summer because of spending more time outdoors. My skin is also more prone to sun damage. I started using this kit and in just a few weeks I noticed the dark spots and sun damage on my face was reduced. My skin also looks less dull. I will continue using this kit to see the full benefits of it.
Yasmin J.
This is an excellent product, I use it day and night! I’ve used the Vitamin C Serum and noticed improvement almost immediately. My skin is softer, lines have softened and I have a more even skin tone. Love this product
Catherine L.
I was skeptical at first, but after reading positive reviews about Di Morelli's skincare products, I decided to give the 3-Step Solution for Dark Spots kit a try. After a couple of weeks of continuous daily use of the kit, my skin looks healthier and brighter and I am seeing a significant reduction of the dark spots on my cheeks and nose.
Mary G.
I am a outdoor enthusiast and the 3 step solution is a life saver for me! This is the best sunscreen. It protects without that heavy greasy feeling and doesn’t clog my pores.
Amandeep G.
Hi this amandeep gill I have pigmentations on my face I bought this product 20 days ago but see difference in 20 days to much light my pigmentation sport
Chandra D.
I LOVE these products. The SPF is absolute favorite and even if someone has different face products they use, I definitely at least giving the SPF a'll love it too I think :)
Erin M.
I absolutely love these products and use them everyday. I had placed my order a few days before the xtra SPF deal was available so I thought I missed it but it was sent to me anyway . Totally made my day 😁. Thanks so much 😊
Eileen W.
I only have been using the product now for less than 2 weeks so I am still waiting for some magic. ☺️ I’m hoping for some lightening with a couple of spots on my chest. I also have a brown spot on my hand that is insistent in hanging around. I apply the brightener at night to both my hand and chest area but the cream may rub off on the sheets . I hear it takes at least 3 months for dark spots to lighten,
Suzanne T.
Totally love this . I have noticed a difference in my skin since I have starting using these products . Just started using the SPF 35 & love that's its not greasy
Wanda M.
All the products are fantastic and my go-to. I always use the Vitamin C, brightener and sunscreen in the morning, and the brightener again at night. I bought this package for my sister-in-law. Spreading great skin care through love!
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