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Brightener Serum

66 reviews

Treat dark spots, gently exfoliate your skin and prevent acne

Brightener Serum

Treat dark spots, gently exfoliate your skin and prevent acne

66 reviews


  • Lighten hyperpigmentation with our chemical-free formula
  • Exfoliate and smooth the surface of your skin
  • Control acne and excess oil
  • Calm inflammation and treat rosacea
  • Correct uneven skin tone with a blend of three alpha hydroxy acids

KEY INGREDIENTS: Kojic Acid, Lactic Acid, Azelaic Acid.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Hyperpigmentation/brown spots, uneven skin texture/rough skin, acne and redness.

SUITABLE FOR: All skin types, though people with sensitive skin may need to adjust the frequency of use

Size: 30 millilitres or 1.0 fluid ounces

Individual results may vary. While using our Brightener Serum, please limit sun exposure and apply Di Morelli SPF 35 Sunscreen while you are using the product and for a week afterwards.

Lightens hyperpigmentation and improves overall texture

Treats acne and inflammation with naturally derived ingredients

Medical Grade Ingredients
Made In Canada
Not Tested On Animals
Safe For Sensitive Skin
Key IngredientsIngredients
A drop of
KOJIC ACIDExfoliates the surface of the skin. Also an effective tyrosinase inhibitor, which prevents melanin production
AZELAIC ACIDThe holy grail for brightening hyperpigmentation and dark spots, though it is also effective for acne and oily skin
LACTIC ACIDGentle yet effective exfoliant that is safe for use on all skin types
How to use
Apply sparingly and evenly in the evening to face and neck, avoiding the eye area
Use sun protection and limit sun exposure while using this product
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Customer Reviews
66 reviews
5 stars53
4 stars13
3 stars0
2 stars0
1 star0
MaryAnne G.
Goes on well and good to have in my daily skin routine
Stacy T.
Amazing product.
Elsa S.
5 stars
Brenda B.
I have been using the serum for a week now and am very happy with it. Love the consistency, lack of fragrance and how it makes my skin feel and look. My skin has a healthy glow and there is no dryness as you sometimes get with other serums.
Eugenia C.
This serum does a good job brightening your skin tone instantly. A small amount goes a long way, however, the smell is quite strong.
Debbie M.
I love this entire skin care line ! My Skin feels & looks amazing. I love how the Brightener feels on my skin when applied consistently each night before the Retinal cream. This product doesn’t disappoint ❤️.
Fatima M.
I would like to use these products longer before saying anything. But so far Very good.
Joanne D.
This product really works, you can actually feel it working. I am re-ordering again and am now going to add Vitamin C. I am a lifetime customer. I highly recommend Di Morelli products, you will not regret it. Thank you Joanne Davidson
Nikita N.
This Brightener serum is sooo good , have a made a difference in my skin, i can totally see it. I have been using it from last 2 months and i can feel the difference totally. I would recommend using retinol , vitamin C and the moisture too. They are soo good.
Susan R.
I have used this product for about a month. I have seem some marginal improvement in lightening some hyperpigmentation and hope it will continue to show some benefits.
Johnna D.
I highly recommend this product- skin is more even and hydrated! Love this product!
My skin is looking much brighter since I have been using the serum.
Manju L.
Too early to say
Alison H.
Have been using for four months and notice a definite lightening of my brown spots.
Colleen S.
Love brighter serum. All you’re creams and serums are amazing
Olivia S.
Seems like a great product so far. I have quite sensitive skin and I haven't experienced any irritation. Will keep using at night. Would like to know the percentages of the active ingredients.
Amy C.
I love how it makes my face feel and after using all these products my face has never looked healthier
Rachel W.
still try with it , seem starts to work
Debra H.
Simply the best
Jenny T.
This is the perfect serum for rosacea and acne scars. My skin looks healthy and glowing.
Daria M.
I was breaking out and got this serum and after one use my skin was significantly better. After a week I’m no longer breaking out and my skin looks bright and fresh. I’m using this serum with the moisturizing cream and am very happy with the results.
Debra C.
Love the brightener! It cleared up some skin irritations. Skin looks much healthier!
Hazel T.
I have only used it for a few weeks but so far I have seen good results. Does what it says.
Mikiko A.
This is perfect for me. Leaves my skin feeling really nice and bright.
Simona S.
Have been using this product for over two years. I definitely notice the difference! Great product!
Halina L.
It is a reason for 5 stars review. The serum clears and bright the skin. The best product on the market and affordable. Thank you Dr. Morelle 💕
Jiawen W.
skin is getting better!!
Shelli F.
Absorbs nicely on face. 3 weeks useing and starting to notice brown spots fading.
Heather D.
Absolutely love this product ! Helps my blotchy skin and break outs 🙂
Mercedes I.
It's really good
Mary G.
This product has brought a whole new vibrancy to my complexion. It is especially effective with helping in the healing of blemishes.
Yvonne P.
Lv how well this completly disappears on your skin. I have just started using this and Im finding results already.
Jennifer W.
I love the Brightener Serum! The sun damage on my face is noticeably fading. Even My husband commented on the improvement.
Dana G.
This serum has significantly reduced the darkness of old acne spots that were still showing around my mouth. Life changer!
Chrissy M.
I think it's too early to review as I've only been using for a week but I like it so far :)
Jennifer P.
Went out of my way to find this after being given a sample of your brightened cream and retinol. Will be buying the retinol and 3 step acne bundle. Definitely Recommend 👍👍👍
Donna M.
Great product! Works well, feels and smells good!
Maryanne S.
I have not used this long enough to see a difference yet. I have sun damage and expect it to take 3 - 6 months to show improvement. I gave it a 4 star because the serum spreads well, absorbs quickly and although burns slightly does not give me a negative reaction. Feels like it is doing what it is supposed to do. I have previously used the Vitamin C serum and would like to try the Retinol serum next. I prefer to try one thing at a time so I know what may give me a reaction and then build my routine. Looking forward to results!
Anne B.
Dr.Morelli’s full line of products have improved the texture and lessened the lines on my skin. I believe my 67 year old face looks much improved after a decade of using Dr. Morelli’s products- even better than when I was 50. No injections, no fillers, just good nutrition and Dr.Morelli! Thank you.
Suzanne T.
Just started using this but do think it helps with the dark spots
Meri B.
I love this serum! Mixes well under other creams and also good on its own. Fantastic product!
Mary S.
Yes, this serum rally works. It brightens your complexion and improves its texture. A little goes a long way too so great value for the cost.
Amir K.
I have tried brightness after 2 weeks i noticed its the difference
Hazel T.
It is a great serum. It really works and does what it says it does. Have only used it a week but so far its been awesome.
M W.
Love the feeling of freshness when it’s applied
Wanda M.
Like all Di Morelli's products, the Brightener is a staple and has proven to help with my skin care. I have a red birth mark on my right cheek and the use of Brightener has markedly reduced the redness over time. Plus it really helps with reducing my sun spots. And its a great exfoliant! I get so many compliments on my skin. Thank you so much!
Kerry k.
I am feeling it is already making a difference in less than a week.
Mikiko A.
I’ve been using this product for a long time. I really recommend it!
Sheri B.
It's a slow process, but this product is evening out my skin tone. Soaks in beautifully under a moisturizer. Also a great spot treatment for a little extra kick.
Denise D.
Seems to be working on my brown spots
Maryanne G.
I love how this product has brightened my complexion!!
Susan H.
Living in the desert can be tough of my skin but I find this brightener the best of all I've tried. It's light & SPF moisturizer can easily be applied on top :) Keeps the spots at bay ;)
Kristin Z.
In the few short weeks I’ve used this serum I’ve noticed a significant difference in how my skin looks and feels.
Debbie G.
Wouldn’t be without it. I use it every night and love it. Has done wonders for my skin.
Rachael C.
Loved it!
Rebecca C.
It helps with my face dark spots lighten and looking much better.
Donna C.
So far I LOVE this product! The dark spots on my face look like they are starting to fade? Will give more reviews in time as I see more positive results!!!
Janis S.
Easy to apply and not heavily perfumed. Best of all, endless compliments about how clear and anazing my skin looks. I'm hooked !!
Maria F.
I absolutely love this product in that it improves the texture of my skin, dissolving dead skin, bumps, brightens my complexion and gives me a subtle glow. I use Vitamin C serum once the brightener dries. Love it!!
Margaret C.
Brightener Serum
Vanessa J.
This product has helped my acne scars to fade, and has helped improve the texture of my skin. My skin is brighter, giving me more confidence. Great product!
Debbie G.
I love the brightener. As soon as I am running low I order more. I use it every night before your retinol night cream. My skin has never looked so good
Sarah A.
I've been using Di Morelli products for a long time now - they are phenomenal - but I only recently started using the Brightener. I'm glad I added this extra step because it really does make your skin glow! I'm 53 and have no wrinkles yet, and I know that a big part of my skin health (besides exercising and eating right) is due to the products I use... the Di Morelli sunscreen, retinol, and vitamin c.
Alicia H.
I am absolutely loving the products. I've been struggling with a bit of acne, specifically on my cheeks, but since using the Brightener I haven't had one breakout, so i'm very impressed with the results!
My skin tone is very pale, and I have acne scars and freckles. I love my freckles! but sun exposure caused them to dull and my skin didn't look healthy. I use the brightener after the DiMorelly Vit-C serum in the morning and my acne scars have diminished in only a few weeks, and my freckles look 'normal' again. My skin is smooth and it's radiant. A really top-quality product.
5 star product! I have been using the Brightener for 6 months. My skin has never looked so radiant and felt so smooth. This product is a must!! Good job Di Morelli.
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