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146 reviews

Silky and lightweight formula for deep, penetrating hydration


Silky and lightweight formula for deep, penetrating hydration

146 reviews


  • Keep your skin plump and hydrated
  • Attract and seal moisture in the skin
  • Add suppleness without leaving a residue
  • Leave skin feeling silky and soft
  • Improve overall skin health

KEY INGREDIENTS: Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin B5, and Vitamin E

SUITABLE FOR: All skin types including sensitive skin

SIZE: 100 millilitres or 3.4 fluid ounces

Individual results may vary.

Silky-smooth, deep hydration without any residue

Absorbs quickly and non-greasy for dry, sensitive skin

Key IngredientsIngredients
HYALURONIC ACIDHas the ability to hold 1000 times its weight in water and effectively hydrates all skin types
VITAMIN B5Helps keep skin healthy and smooth, while also effective in calming inflammation
VITAMIN EProtects your skin from harsh environmental aggressors and repairs damage
How to use
After applying any targeted treatment serums, dispense a nickel-sized amount of the moisturizer into your hand
Massage the moisturizer into your skin, paying close attention to your face and neck
Allow the product to absorb into your skin
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Customer Reviews
146 reviews
5 stars128
4 stars18
3 stars0
2 stars0
1 star0
Rajdeep B.
Debbie Z.
Love this moisturizer!
MaryAnne G.
Love this product. Absorbs well hydrates without any oily heavy feel to the skin
Kathy B.
I use your cleanser, vitamin c, retinol and moisturizer. All are gentle and make my 66 year old skin look and feel better. Will continue to order
janice c.
This moisturizer is wonderful. It's nourishing and absorbs quickly. It's fantastic for sensitive skin. I love it!!!!!
Renata M.
I like this Moisturizer a lot. It is a very special product.
Shelley T.
It’s a great product, both my husband and I use it!
Amanda P.
I have problematic skin and this moisturizer is the only one I’ve found that doesn’t irritate my skin. If I could give it more stars, I would!
Brenda B.
A staple for me. Light and absorbs well. No greasy feel and no scent which is great.
Nancee W.
The moisturizer leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft and smooth. My absolute favourite!
Cheryl G.
Love everything about the moisturizer…it’s light, non-greasy and has a lovely scent!
Tina N.
Great moisturizer, non greasy and great for sensitive skin
Miriam G.
May L.
My skin has never felt better! Winter months my skin gets so dry, I use this all over and it has improved my skins moisture! So happy with this and worth the money
Elsa S.
Alanna J.
It’s only been a couple of weeks. It’s light, no oily feeling and seems to moisturizer nicely, but I can’t give 5 stars based on a short term trial. The other star that was removed was for the shipping. The “one day shipping” took approx 48 hours to leave the warehouse and then it took 5 days to get to the nearest post office where I had to go pick it up. Had I know it was not going to be delivered to my door, I would have done something different.
Colleen S.
Love the way these products make my skin feel
Judy T.
Love this moisturizer. Leaves ones face refreshed and moisturizer.
Alexia W.
Finally a moisturizer that leaves my skin soft and not oily! It's perfect :)
Kate W.
Great moisturizer!
Trudy S.
Love your products. Have been using them for a while now.
Eric C.
M. Corp This is my favourite of Di Morelli products. The moisturizer goes on beautifully, isn't greasy, and is a joy to wear, day or night.
Diane R.
Your moisturizer is also a product that I love to use as it helps with my very dry skin
Debbie M.
LOVE this product ! I use it every a.m & layer it on after applying the Vitamin C Serum. I then apply sunscreen. It’s light weight w/ a light fresh scent & feels amazing on my skin.
Lynn M.
This is a lightweight moisturizer that melts into the skin. I also like the lack of heavy perfume or scent in the product.
Nikita N.
Perfect moisture for combination skin, leaves skin look glowy and healthy
Maryanne M.
Love the moisturizer! Works extremely well with my sensitive skin.
Barbara D.
This is the only moisturizer I use. It's wonderful. It absorbs easily with no greasy feel to it.
Sharon W.
Plus the Vitamin C makes my skin feel great every day
Jane M.
Great product. A permanent addition to my skin routine. Using it morning and night. Non-greasy and light, it’s easy to incorporate. I’m seeing lots of benefits from long term use. Softer skin, diminished wrinkles (especially) around my eyes
deb w.
Love it
Leilane R.
I have been using Dr's Morelli skincare for over an year now and I have just great things to say. They are high quality, bring you results and have a better price than another medical grade products! I love the Vit C, hyaluronic acid, sunscreen and face moisturizer. My next purchase will be Retinol. I used them all and I highly recommend them!
Angela B.
It’s very lightweight and not greasy. Hydrates my skin really well.
Linda T.
Must haves
Selina M.
This moisturizer does what is says. It’s absorbing and leaves a smooth texture on your face. I use the SPF sunscreen after to add protection from the sun.
Prue L.
I started using these products last year and the changes in my skin have been amazing.
Cherrywin V.
Love it!
Leanna I.
Susan H.
The moisturizer is just light enough to wear under makeup but heavy enough for total coverage. It makes a big difference in my daily routine.
Thanh P.
I’ve been using this product for 2yrs. Stopped using it for 6months because I ran out. During that time my face craved it, wasn’t as bouncy, other products didn’t feel as impacting. So I bought 5 more. It’s a perfect pair for my tretinoin cream.
Cecilia W.
I’m using De Morelli’s product for 13 years now. I have a very sensitive skin and had a very bad acne problem before and I’m so amazed with the result after using their moisturizer and Vitamin C serum it never came back my acne problem since, I would never change this skin care product from others at all.
Connie K.
This is a nice light moisturizer. It absorbs well and no issues applying makeup over it
Brenda B.
I really like this moisturizer. It is light yet hydrating. No smell which is the best thing. My second bottle and I'll stick with it. I particularly like that you can see how much is left so you can reorder before totally running out.
Dixie T.
Love this formula.
Pat C.
I have been using Di Morelli products for some time. This is the first moisturizer. I like it very much. Also ordering online and getting it mailed is so convenient. All of my orders have been made and delivered with utmost efficiency. Thank You. Pat
Olga N.
Nice product
Shelley T.
Love the product
Ruth B.
Love this product, but the pump on my newest one does not work.
rebecca w.
This is a wonderful daily moisturizer. I’ve been using it for 2 years now. Great all year even through Winter!
Luke M.
Great moisturizer!
Jacqui L.
I've been using this Moisturizer for many years now. It never disappoints, can't imagine starting my morning without it! Love it!
Debbie B.
Great product, creamy , non greasy … would definitely order it again
Evanna B.
Use twice a day he goes along way and affordable
Parinaaz U.
Love the moisturizer. Use it both during the summer and winter together with the Vitamin R for best results. A bottle like this typically lasts me about 3 months and I use it 1-2 times a day.
Heather D.
Literally the only skin care that doesn’t flare up my eczema!!! Can’t live without the moisturizer and facial scrub !! ❤️❤️ Highly recommend all the products !! And Botox and filler is a bonus if your on the fence about it !!! Dr. Morrell gives a natural look 🥰 nothing over done ✅🙌
Patricia T.
While I like the product, there is no straw to bring it up from the bottom. There’s only a hole in the top. It’s fine when the bottle is full but when it’s 1/4 full I won’t be able to get the cream out.
Jenny T.
In the winter time I have a really dry skin, with rosacea and sensitive skin. This feels so good on the skin! Very smooth and moistures all day long.
Heather P.
Excellent liquid formulation in a first-class dispenser that prevents the contamination associated with cream moisturizers in a jar. Mild, pleasing scent. Does not contains SPF which in my opinion, should be used only when needed.
Miki R.
My teenage daughter has sensitive skins due to eczema. This moisture cream is the only one she likes as it does now sting and keeps her skin moist.
Alanna C.
Just received a short time ago. So far, so good. I think a bit longer of use will be more telling.
Theresa C.
My face feels so soft!
Grant M.
Two pumps in the morning and another two at night keeps my skin nice and moist.
Kirsten E.
A little goes a long way. Not heavy nor greasy. Like that I can remove the lid to get the last bit of cream.
Diana C.
I've tried the rest, this is the best. There is not competition on this one. It's just the best.
Hazel T.
Love this moisturizer. Has become my go to. The best one I have ever used so far.
Judy T.
Not too heavy, but still keeps the skin perfectly moisturized. Love this product!
Andrea G.
Need more moisturizer products - more products.
Fern S.
I have used Moisturizer for over two years now and I fine it to be the best.
Lori B.
Very light and my skin is feeling very soft and clean. I’m working on not having to wear makeup as I’m older and makeup seems to cake on my face. I’m feeling like with the whole Morelli routine I may accomplish that soon. Only been using for a month now.
Flo T.
Another amazing product, I use it over the retinol every evening!
Kristy T.
I love that it absorbs quickly and is not greasy. My skin is so soft, I would buy it again and again.
Angela Q.
Love this moisturizer, I pair it with the serum and my skin has never been happier! I love that it's made in Canada and cruelty free, as well as how refreshed my skin feels by using it.
Heather P.
The moisturizer dispenses via a pump which is much more user friendly & hygienic than cream in a jar - the packing is top drawer. The scent is mild and pleasing. Additionally, the moisturizer does not contain sun screen. I prefer to use sun block when needed rather than to wear sun protection 24/7, which I consider to be excessive.
Margaret C.
I have been using several products from Di Morelli for a few years now and I really like them. It is an amazing line and it really works. I use them routinely and consistently...very happy with the results.
Carol W.
A light moisturizer perfect for spring and summer
Selina M.
This moisturizer makes your skin so silky smooth. Keeps my skin feel hydrated all day long.
Cecilia W.
I started to have acne when I was 18 years old, my skin is very sensitive and oily. I started using Di morelli this moisturizer and their SPF 35 day cream year 2005, until now I’m still using it and their other products love love love every cream they have I tried also Vitamin C and I highly recommend it! I got also their hydrating gel, cleanser and brightener plus retinol. Once you try their product you would never never buy anymore other beauty product outside Di morelli. I tried so many products but this is the best!!!
Donna S.
This is my favourite moisturizer, my sensitive & dry skin is much better. In the winter months I combine it with the hydrating serum.
Sheranne W.
Was skeptical; been having a hard time finding a moisturizer that lasts all day. But so far, its doing a great job!!
Mary G.
I tend to have oily skin and pores and have not felt comfortable with moisturizing. This product is magical in the way it absorbs and how good it feels on my skin. Very effective.
Suzanne P.
The moisturizer has a light non greasy feel and at the same time provides a good level of hydration. It is my ‘go to’ for a daily moisturizer.
Bonnie R.
A perfect moisturizer for combination skin. Non greasy and leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated.
Cheryl G.
Love the feel of this...and the scent!! In the short time I have been using it, I am impressed with its effect!
Mahnaz A.
These skin care products are right on me. Thank you
Jiawen W.
so good
Debbie G.
An absolutely beautiful moisturizer. It’s not greasy or thick but blends nicely into your skin to make it smooth and soft
Lynn P.
Goes on smoothly, my go to moisturizer.
Janet C.
This moisturizer is very light but effective. The true test will be in the next couple of months when the skin on my face becomes extremely dry in the winter months. The other reason I like this cream is that it does not leave my face feeling greasy especially at night.
Kelly R.
I’ve been using this for years! Super moisturizing due to the hyaluronic acid and perfect for under makeup. Not greasy. Perfect consistency. So much love for this product!
Jolanda M.
Absorbs well and applies smoothly.
Brenda K.
I have always been a soap and water girl but this product has changed my cleansing routine. This is a must!
Ziyuan L.
It is the first time I try out Medical Grade skincare products. It is good for normal to dry skin. My boyfriend and I in love with it! Dont hesitate to give it a try my friend.
Dale R.
This is my first purchase of this brand of moisturizer and I absolutely love it. It does a superb job moisturizing my skin with a matte finish that doesn’t make my skin look shiny or oily. I absolutely love it!!
Jacqui L.
Annette B.
I like this moisturizer, it's light and refreshing and doesn't irritate my very sensitive skin.
Lindsay M.
I liked it
Jill W.
I love this cream...not greasy...very smooth and leaves the skin feeling hydrated.
Sandra B.
Feels good. Think the hydrating gel does more for my ageing skin.
Miki R.
Very light and smoothed over my face with just one pump. Love it!
Hanneke C.
Love this product
Francoise J.
All wonderful products....easy to apply. Moisturizer feels silky on the face
Linda B.
I love all the products. I use this in the summer and fall. It is not heavy enough for winter use. I love the smell and the texture and the feel of my face after applying
Michelle C.
I have been using the face wash, moisturizer and retinol products. Overall I think my skin feels and looks better, very realistic about being 52 and aging is happening! Wish you had a lip balm with SPF. Love that it's a Canadian company.
Linda C.
Great moisturizer. No greasiness. My skin feels soft and plump.
Joyce L.
I have been looking for a moisturizer that doesn't clog my face with white heads or break outs. Even though some say they won't clog it still does. This moisturizer hasn't given me any of that. So thumbs up!
Lorraine C.
Yes the moisturizer agrees with my very sensitive skin. I am 75 and still have minor breakouts but can live With this...
Emmy K.
It’s goes like velvet on my face and not sticky. I’ve finally found a great moisturizer that makes my skin feel so smooth.
Donna M.
Great for day and night!
Jessica S.
I have very sensitive skin and this is one of the only moisturizers that does not annoy my skin. Very light and easy to apply. A small amount goes a long way.
Audrey H.
definately the best oil free moisturizer I have used !
Jinaye C.
lightweight and helps with my dry skin. Wish it did a bit more moisturizing so my skin felt more dewy. Overall I really like it
Courtney V.
I first went into the office 10 years to help with my acne. I have stayed as client since as my skin as stayed clear. I was never sold any treatments or products I didn’t need. I love their moisturizer as it does not irritate my skin and I swear it makes it glow.
Liz R.
I’ve been a huge fan of the Dimorelli retinol and vit c serum for a couple years now. Decided to add this to my regime as well. Wish I had done it sooner. My sensitive skin has never looked better! It has a nice light scent and feels really nice and soothing upon application. It soaks in right away and leaves my skin with a dewy glow. I’ve been skipping my light coverage foundation most days since using this!
Bev M.
I purchased several items a couple of years ago and when I ran out, I bought similar products from another Vancouver based company. Big mistake!! I love every product I’ve tried and should know better than to change a good thing!
Bernice J.
I have been using Di Morelli for almost a year and my skin finally has a glow. I have all the products in my vanity. My favourites are the vitamin C serum topped with the moisturizer. Also everyone should try the Ha Masque. 100% worth it. I’ve never had such good skin.
Barbara A.
There are so many creams and potions on the market but with Di Morelli I have complete confidence and great results.
Pardip G.
Great moisturizer! Light, non-clogging, and refreshing. Doesn’t leave filmy residue.
Margaret O.
The best products !
Danielle B.
Love love love this stuff
Selina M.
Love the texture. The moisturizer goes on smooth and absorbs with no shine. I use it after the Vitamin C. Both products together make my skin look and feel great.
Grace M.
Di Morelli moisturizer makes my skin feel so soft. This product really suits my skin type. It's very light and not greasy. I can't imagine using any other product.
Sandy H.
Love this moisturizer. Not greasy and absorbs right into the skin. Use after Vitamin C and Brightener. Perfect product for every day😊
Halina L.
Eduarda H.
I have older skin prone to milia. This product provided great hydration without clogging pores. I use it morning and night. Very pleased with the results and highly recommended.
Lisa G.
Love this moisturizer, it is so light, not greasy and leaves my skin feeling very hydrated. I use this along with Vitamin C Serum.....Excellent product.
Jeneane B.
Love the non greasy finish.
Amanda B.
I have gone through a lot of moisturizers the last few years, and could never find one that left my face actually feeling moisturized. Finally, I've found one that I'll stick with. My face feels soft and smooth all day, even in the colder, drier weather. Very happy with this product!
Nina B.
Leaves skin feeling smooth and hydrated. Never feels greasy.
Maureen L.
Been using this for years, It works wonders!
Sandra P.
Today, I turned 69. I have been using the Di Morelli moisturizer for a couple of years now. I love the fact, I can use it under my eyes. It is light, and absorbs well. Non greasy. And no perfume. I only use the moisturizer at night, I use the spf 35 Di Morelli in the. morning. I feel the moisturizer has made a difference in my skin, as in firmness. Thank you Di Morelli Sandra Piercey
Tammy P.
Excellent moisturizer...very light...not heavy
Blesilda V.
Ever since I started using the moisturizer for my skin, it indeed made a great difference. I get lots of compliments. I highly recommend this product!
Susan H.
I've tried many many products over the years but this one does the trick for me! It's light enough to work WITH my makeup while keeping my skin evenly moisturized. I'm a desert girl & this works :)
Donna S.
Hands down, the best I have ever had. My skin is dry & sensitive, the dry patches are finally gone! I really like the texture of the lotion.
Barbara D.
Love this product. It's not greasy and feels wonderful on the skin.
Kathy D.
I simply cannot live without this project. I stumbled on it a few years ago after being given a sample at my local drug store. My skin absorbs it completely and feels soft and smooth. Lately I've been adding my foundation to three pumps of this produce and then applying to my face. As a 'mature' woman, I get nice foundation coverage and healthy skin to boot. I am a very happy customer and can't say enough good things about this moisturizer.
Margaret O.
Susan H.
At 63 and living in the desert it's hard to find the right balance for your skin but this moisturizer might just be it! Once it's on I don't feel any sticky residue, no film, no feeling of perspiration coming through. I apply my makeup without a trace of anything underneath :)
Valerie D.
This goes one well and is absorbed quickly. There's no wet or oily sheen on my skin, unlike my former brand.
Judy T.