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Powerhouse Combo

1 review

The best combination of active ingredients

Powerhouse Combo

The best combination of active ingredients

1 review

Dr. Morrell designed this Powerhouse Combo kit with the best combination of active ingredients to boost collagen, control acne and excess oil, and rejuvenate skin cells for a smoother, youthful look.

  • Vitamin C brightens the skin, improves overall skin tone, texture and appearance
  • Retinol minimizes fine lines and wrinkles, stimulates collagen and elastin production to firm the skin
  • Brightener lightens dark spots and corrects uneven skin tone with a blend of three alpha hydroxy acids, and exfoliates and smoothes the surface of your skin

Kit includes
Vitamin C – 50 milliliters or 1.7 fluid ounces
Brightener – 30 milliliters or 1.0 fluid ounces
Retinol – 30 milliliters or 1.0 fluid ounces

Suitable For – All skin types, though people with sensitive skin may need to adjust the frequency of use. Individual results may vary. While using all these three products, please limit sun exposure and apply Di Morelli SPF 35 Sunscreen while you are using the product and for a week afterwards. Do not use Retinol if you are pregnant, lactating or if you are planning to become pregnant.


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Terry M.
This skincare combo is great for keeping my 62 year old facial skin smooth and bright.
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