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Vitamin C Serum for Face and Eye

300 reviews

Our revolutionary, versatile formula for your face and eyes

Vitamin C Serum for Face and Eye

Our revolutionary, versatile formula for your face and eyes

300 reviews


  • Minimize fine lines and wrinkles
  • Lighten dark spots
  • Stimulate collagen and elastin production
  • Protect and repair your skin from sun damage
  • Improve overall skin tone, texture and appearance

KEY INGREDIENTS: A highly stabilized form of Vitamin C called Ascorbyl Glucoside, and a peptide called Matrixyl which stimulates collagen

SUITABLE FOR: All skin types

SIZE: 50 millilitres or 1.7 fluid ounces

❝Perfect for your face and eyes, our highly stabilized formula is the one serum everyone should use.❞

Elevate your skin care routine and discover the secret to a glowing, radiant complexion

Medical Grade Ingredients
Made In Canada
Not Tested On Animals
Safe For Sensitive Skin
Key IngredientsIngredients
ASCORBYL GLUCOSIDEA highly stabilized form of Vitamin C that stimulates collagen, lightens dark spots and protects against harmful UV rays
PALMITOYL OLIGOPEPTIDEPeptide made up of Palmitic Acid (fatty acid) and amino acids
GLYCERINA humectant that replicates and enhances skin's ability to retain moisture
How to use
Twist the top of the product counterclockwise until you hear a soft click
Press down on the top of the product to dispense one pump into the palm of your hand
Lightly massage the serum around your face and the delicate skin around your eyes
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Customer Reviews
300 reviews
5 stars265
4 stars32
3 stars0
2 stars0
1 star3
Ken H.
I love this product makes my skin feels so smooth and fresh
Renata P.
I am using Vitamin C serum only for 3 weeks but I can already tell my face feels refreshed and brighter. Smell is not my favorite but I am getting used to it.
Cara P.
Love the vitamin C serum! Best serum I ever have.
Debbie Z.
Really liked it!
Teresa D.
Love this serum!
Kathy W.
I really love it!
Jenny K.
the serum is good and not sticky
Stacy T.
Fantastic products. Feel fresh and so effective.
Elsa S.
Sharon T.
I love the vitamin C and have used it for a number of years. I regularly get comments on how healthy and clear my skin looks!
Suzanne P.
I have been using this product for some time and am more than happy with the results. I receive compliments on my skin frequently. Highly recommend the product.
Nina D.
My Dr Morelli Vitamin C serum has always been a staple for me … this time when I got my new one, the consistency seems very thin. I’m not sure if the formula has changed or I just got a weird one. It seems very watery and the bottle feels really light …almost like it’s not full, unfortunately due to the packaging I can’t see how much product is actually there . Hopefully this was just a bad one, normally I would give it 5 stars because it’s an amazing serum and I love using it.
Marilyn G.
Great product!
Mary M.
I have tried several Vitamine C serums over the years, and the Di Morelli one is by far one of the best. My skin is definitely brighter, and I love that is safe to use around the eyes. I Iove these products!
Katerina G.
I didn’t realize how well it works until I left it at home while on vacation. The difference was noticeable within a few days. I now use it daily morning and night and love the results.
Bonnie B.
Loce the Vitamin C serum thanks
Lynn M.
As an aesthetician, I've used Vitamin C serum for many years. It helps to increase the health of collagen and elastin in one's skin, thus delaying the appearance of lines, wrinkles and sagging. Dr. Morelli Vitamin C serum is light-weight, instantly absorbing with a delicate, fresh fragrance . I also like the container with it's unique pump top.
Mona M.
Love this product!! Have been using it consistently for two years and see such an improvement in the clarity of my skin.
Rani D.
I have been using this product for a few years now and love it. My skin feels smooth and looks healthy
Rebecca C.
Good product, been using these creams for years.
Teresa S.
I love this product. It is very helpful to nantain the skin quite supple and fresh; specially around the eyes.
Diane R.
I really like this product and find it very soothing for my face and eye area. I am prone to very dry and flakey skin on my face and it can be irritated and itchy at times.
Vera D.
Excellent products. The Vitamin C serum is my favorite product ever. I always get compliments on my skin.
Flo T.
I have used this product for quite a few years now and I absolutely love it. My skin looks amazing and I always get compliments!
Angelina Z.
great product, second time purchased it. Will continue use it.
Nicole D.
Nikita N.
Best Vitamin C so far!! Visible results and helps skin look healthy and plumer
Chris E.
I have been using the serum for several months now - love the smell, feel, and what it does for my skin. My only complaint is that i can't see how much is left in the bottle so i have run out before i knew i needed more.
Lisa S.
I’ve suffered from acne for years and most products I’ve used in the past make me break out but I can honestly say I’ve had no issues with this vitamin C serum goes on light and feels great on my skin.
Katarina W.
I love this serum! It has a nice fresh scent, and gives me a boost when I use it in the morning. I’ve been using it once daily for about 3 weeks now and am already noticing a brightness in my skin. I’d recommend it to anyone!
Joanne D.
The vitamine c serum did not dissappoint, you can actually feel tingling when absorbing it.
Colleen S.
Been using a couple years and love all products
Donna R.
Love the Vitamin C Serum, love that it is for face and eye. I just started using the products and I already notice improvement in my skin, softer and a nice glow. I am 68 years young, I really like the quality of the products.
Suzanne T.
Love this product
Orian H.
Noticeable difference in small spots on my face.
Jane M.
I have been using the Vitamin C serum for about a year now. As an over 60 customer I really appreciate the quality of this product. My skin is softer, smoother and free from dryness and wrinkles, particularly around the eyes. I get many compliments on my skin and it’s youthful appearance.
Carol B.
While I love all of the products, if you wanted to only try one this would be it. With a fantastic texture and feel this serum is easy to use on its own or for layering. Non sticky and easy to use with moisturizers and/or sunscreen. Really great that it can also be used around the eyes without causing any issues. Highly recommend!
Jennie H.
So happy with this serum. This is the only skin care that has ever made a difference to my skin.
Ruth D.
I have been using this Vitamin C serum for over a year and I’m happy to see the results.
Linda, T.
Bright my face.
Hannah E.
Absolutely love it!
Johnna D.
I absolutely love the products- my skin has cleared up ( acne and acne scars appear lighter). Freckles are fading and skin appears refreshed.
Alanna C.
Love this product.
Brenda E.
Love my results
Juggi G.
This is the first time I used Vitamin C serum. It goes on so smooth on my skin. My skin feels plump and glowing. I love using it. Thank you.
I love my Vitamin C Serum. I have been using it for a few years. It brightens my complexion.
Cecilia W.
This Vitamin C serum is the best for day time before putting the sunblock, use it for everyday and you will see huge difference from your skin…love love love this product!!!
Prue L.
I have been using the serum for a while now. My skin has become a lot clearer. It has a great scent, it’s a great way to start the day
Taylor D.
I love the Vitamin C Serum for Face and Eye! It is lovely to be able to lightly layer it over my whole face knowing it will also benefit my eyes! I won't be without it now that I have found it!
Janet A.
Love this serum!
Dixie T.
Love this lightweight serum and lovely citrus smell
Julie H.
Great product. Hydrates really well.
Connie K.
I have not been using this long enough to see a difference in my skin, however, I really love this formula in that it is hydrating, while being very light on my skin, and it smells wonderful. It absorbs quickly and when putting moisturizer on top, does not feel like I am wearing layers and layers of product, and seems to have a cooling effect, which is a plus.
Samir Q.
I have been using vitamin c since last 3 months, it’s changed my skin texture And brightened up over all
Trudy S.
I have been using this product for several months now, and absolutely love it. My skin is smoother.
marlene r.
I have used this product for the past 3 months. So far great results. I apply a very small amount right after a shower, then apply the hydrating gel. Both are great hydrating products. Product goes a long way. A bottle of this size
Luke M.
Great product, highly recommend!
Caroline G.
Customer service was outstanding. I strongly recommend Dr Morelli products.
Shoya W.
Love the product so much that I bought another bottle after trying the 1ST one. It is light, and it is not sticky at all, which I find with some other Vit C serums. Love it!
Helen H.
Vitamin C every morning - works great!
Vanessa J.
Amazing, I don't go a day without this product!
Anne M.
I love everything about it. The smell, texture and feel
Alison H.
I love the feel of this serum on my face, its lightness, the way it is quickly absorbed and that it can be used around my eyes.
Evanna B.
Wonderful product I have been using it now for almost 10 years I feel that my skin also loves this products.
Pamela S.
Love this product ,I have been using it for about 4 years and really think it keeps me looking as young as I look for my 78 years.
Debra H.
The best product ever ... use it every day for years
Ellen J.
Have only used a week or less and enjoy the aroma and feels good on my skin. No breakouts or adverse reactions.
Bonnie H.
A must have beauty staple for everyday. It conditions and smooths the face and eye area. Also works great as a base before applying moisturizers and makeup.
Lori S.
I love this serum! It goes on so smooth, soaks in well. I use it all-over including on my eyes and lips for one of the best hydrating products I've found thus far. Many products burn my under-eyes including eye creams -this serum doesn't and leaves my skin looking and feeling dewy and soft.
Natalie B.
Great for skin texture and elasticity.
Jenny T.
I love that serum. I have rosacea and sensitive skin and it works great, leaving a beautiful glow and most of all is not harsh on skin. The bottle is airtight witch I like very much because it leaves the product intact. I am anxious to see the results in a month of using it.
Perry S.
So far been using the serum for a week , I love the smell of it and how smooth it goes on , thank you
Lisa J.
I love these skin care products... I have purchased the eye cream, moisturizer, SPF 35 face cream as well... I have recommended to friends too...
Leigh M.
This is one of my must have items for my skin care regime. Goes on so smoothly, feels light, blends well with my lotion- no sticky feeling and no strange smell. Makes my skin feel smooth and looks healthier.Worth my money !
Debbie G.
This is the best serum. I use it everyday in the morning. I make sure I always have it on hand so I don’t run out.
Christine P.
This product is magical. It was recommended to me so I decided to give it a shot & within a week, the sagging that had started under my right eye, was completely reversed. I was truly astonished.
Kim Y.
Love this product. Have been using it for a couple of months, my skin glows and looks very healthy.
Lisa F.
I have been using this product for years and now my husband uses it too!
Dyan D.
Happy with this product The new design of the container is so convenient
Barbara H.
I love the way this serum feels on my skin. It goes on with a slight cooling effect and has added some vibrancy to my face. It dries beautifully and leaves my skin ready for the moisturizer. Since using these products I have had many comments about how good my skin looks. I am a healthy and active 66 years young!
Paula L.
I was gifted this serum years ago and remember it being so awesome. My skin has changed a lot since then but it still seems promising. Dewy glow for sure, great uplifting scent, but my skin still need more time to assess the brown spots on my cheeks. Cheers.
Annette B.
My favourite product from Di Morelli. Absorbs well and my sensitive skin loves it.
Debra C.
Love Vitamin C serum. Feels nice on the skin and my skin looks fresher.
Cassie G.
I used to have rosacea flare ups quite often but since using this product line I have been able to stop using my prescription creams and haven’t had a flare up! I started with the vitamin c serum when a family member recommended it then once I realized how great it was on my skin I started using the moisturizer, eye cream and SPF. I highly recommend this skin care line. My sisters, my mom and mother in law are all hooked now too!
Donna M.
quick absorption, no scent
Trudy L.
Absolutely satisfied with the refined texture of my skin so much so I have recommended it to friends. My dermatologist has noticed a difference. Woman on right hand side of picture. Age 73
Bev G.
Excellent product! Love it.
Pam S.
I have been using Di Morelli for about 4 years now and love the Vit. C serum. It is a staple in my face regime every day. My skin looks and feels younger. So glad I have found the Di Morelli products.
Bong N.
It is excellent
Catherine N.
The product burnt my skin. I had red welts on my face. It is a harsh product.
Nina D.
Love the vitamin c serum. My face feels so smooth and hydrated
Ethel K.
I’ve had this before a loved it. This time however, I think it “cooked” during the heat spell and it’s now clear liquid. Not sure if that’s impaired it’s effectiveness. I hope not because it was new, but I will continue to purchase this.
Maryanne R.
Goes on like satin, and seems to tighten my skin (which I love).
Sabrina S.
Love this product
Dominique M.
I’ve been using this product for just over a week and my skin looks great. The order came very quickly too:)
Pat C.
I have a red spot that is a little rough and it seems to be getting smaller. I have just been using it for a few weeks.
Kathy W.
Smells so good! Did not see any difference so far (15 days).
Vera D.
I love the Vitamin C serum. It feels so refreshing going on, and I love how my skin feels.
Carmelina B.
I purchasrd noth the Vit C serum and the moisturizer and I have been only using it for two weeks,BUT I can feel the difference it has made.My skin is not dried out and the wrinkles are less noticable esp around the under eye.I am most pleased thus far.I hope it continues.At this rate I may knock off 25 years or so in no tine at all!!!! Thanks
Judy B.
If you haven't tried Di Morelli products you must give them a try. My husband and myself both use the whole line from cleanser to sun protector and love them all. The Vitamin C Serum in particular has helped my husband. He suffered skin cancer on his nose a few years ago and this product has helped immensely to even out his skin color and heal any rough patches he was dealing with. Its a wonderful product. Give it a try. You won't be sorry you did!
Suzanne P.
I love this product - would not be without! I used to have dry skin , this product has addressed that and improved the overall look and texture of my skin,
Carole S.
Purchased my first bottle of Vitamin C Serum in October 2020. One pump a day, and it has lasted 6 months Makes my skin feel great.
Shelley T.
Great product!
Margareta J.
Love it! It tightens the skin nicely and I also tried the samples you sent with the order so now I will order your complete set.
Orian H.
It's very light and goes on smoothly. I have yet to see long term effects because I just started it
Judith L.
This product did not absorb into my skin. When I tried to apply makeup, it flaked.
Manju L.
My face looks radiant but didn't notice any changes in malasma, pigmentation.
Flo T.
I love this product and all of Dr Morelli products. They make such a difference in my skin. Highly recommend!
Nicole D.
Great product!
Barbara D.
Love this product. Gives a glow to my skin.
Dale R.
OMG!! You have to try this product. I use it under my moisturizer and my skin glows!!!
Angel B.
My skin is slowly getting better thank you
Janet K.
Love it ....I use it morning and evening as part of my regime.
Judy K.
Great product. Does as advertised.
Linda M.
Love this serum - excellent results and lightweight!
Cheryl G.
While I have been using this for only a short time, my skin seems to look more vibrant. I have sone very rough patches on my face from sun damage and they are slowly softening. Love the smell!!
Manjinder D.
I have been using this since two weeks and I love the effects.
Darlene H.
This is an excellent product. I use it day as bd night!
Kirsten E.
Love the citrusy smell, smooth texture, and feel of it on my skin.
Linda B.
Goes on smooth and you use very little (a little goes a long way). Have only started using the product so I cannot see any major improvements but so far I do love the products. I have been using the cleanser for about a month and, I must say, it is one of the best products I have used...again, you use very little but it removes all my make-up and my face feels "clean".
Jennifer W.
I’ve used the Vitamin C Serum for approximately 3 weeks and noticed improvement almost immediately. My skin is softer, lines have softened and I have a more even skin tone. I would definitely recommend the serum.
Lily L.
I love this serum! I’ve been a fan for years!
Nancy L.
I’m very pleased with my Vitamin C Serum! It feels great when I apply it to my face. It is helping my brown spots fade which is one of my skin problems!
Chriss G.
Love the product. Have been using it for many years. I don’t like to run out so I ordered this one before my last one was finished. I have been reading that people have problems with the pump so I’m hoping that this one works. But the product is great
Nicola L.
Have been using this serum for years, and would not live without it. I am 81 and am very proud of my clear, glowing, elastic and fine textured complexion! Try it and you will find it works wonders. Nicola, Vancouver.💕
Lisa G.
Love this serum it gives my skin that extra moisture I need in our dry climate. I than use Di Morelli moisturizer and my face feels wonderful.
Jean C.
I love the way this brightens my skin
Dana G.
I get adult acne- minor breakouts, but sometimes large ones- on a regular basis, and this is the absolute BEST spot treatment I've ever used. Literally within 24 hours, the 'issue' resolves itself :)
Debra H.
Love this item I have been using the product for 5 years.
Simona S.
I started using this product as a base before applying the moisturizer a couple of years ago. My skin has never felt better. It's an extra step worth taking!
Bonny G.
I love the smell, and I feel so good about putting this on my skin, especially when it is paraben, and animal cruelty free. I’m not in love with the packaging, but the product is great 👍
Deb N.
Love the scent and texture. Keeps my skin hydrated. I use several age defying products so not sure of exact benefits to my skin but I know the quality ingredients must be contributing. Love to support Canadian too.
Judy T.
Honestly, this is my favourite serum. Have been using it for two years!
Julia R.
Love this product!
Teresa S.