Stress Can Cause Acne: True or False?

Stress Can Cause Acne: True or False?

Feeling overwhelmed, anxious or stressed out by everyday demands? Breaking out is probably the last thing you were hoping for. Cue the eye roll. Maybe you already knew you were stressed, or maybe stress-induced acne is the first physical sign something is off. This is simply your body telling you to slow down. But with the right skin care products and stress acne treatment, you can gain control over your breakouts and have one less thing to worry about. Read on to learn more about the relationship between stress and acne, and what you can do when you break out at the worst of times.


From headaches to breakouts, stress has a way of affecting the body. We know on some level that the body and the mind are connected, even though we may not fully understand the connection. In a clinical study published by the American Medical Association, researchers Annie Chiu, Susan Chon and Dr. Alexa Kimball found that “increased acne severity was significantly associated with increased stress levels” Relatable, right? By the end of the study, the team concluded that “changes in acne severity correlate highly with increasing stress” and going through emotional or psychological stress probably has a major influence on acne.

We know that stress can cause acne, but why does it happen? Essentially, stress leads to excess sebum production, which can make your skin more oily and prone to acne. Too much oil on your skin tends to clog pores and cause you to break out. Your body also has a harder time healing when you’re stressed out, so your breakouts will take that much longer to heal.


Acne stress control is challenging, and stubborn blemishes are super common during times of stress. But, there are plenty of targeted treatments to deep clean your pores and remove that excess oil. Our Clear Skin Solution is an easy choice to clear and prevent stress pimples, control excess oil and remove blackheads or dead skin cells. The chemical exfoliant also brightens and smooths dull skin, leaving you with a clear complexion.

We asked one of our customers about her experience using our Clear Skin Solution and she loved it, adding that “it literally shrunk the pimples overnight.” Another customer described the product as excellent, adding that it “works exceptionally well on a blemish that you can feel just starting to come up, drying it up immediately.” 


What are some steps you can take to better manage your stress? Meditation is probably one of the most effective choices to calm your thoughts. You could also go for a walk outside and get some fresh air to clear your head, or reach out to a friend for moral support. We put so much pressure on ourselves to be productive all the time, but sometimes slowing down is the best thing for us. You could also try taking time for yourself and cancelling nonessential plans that add to your stress.

Ask your friends and family how they handle stress and see if they have any fun recommendations for you. Don’t be afraid to get creative. By following some simple stress management tips, you can hopefully reduce your stress levels and enjoy life more. An added bonus? You will be less likely to suffer from stress-induced acne and blemishes in the future!