Essential Skin Care Products for People Who Love Exercising

Essential Skin Care Products for People Who Love Exercising

Going to the gym on the regular is an incredible way to stay healthy and active. So is getting outside and enjoying some physical activity in the great outdoors. There are many holistic benefits to regular exercise, from improved body image to improved sleeping habits and energy levels during the day. The one downside? With all of that sweating and exertion, your skin will obviously need some extra attention before and after your workout. Continue reading to learn about the essential skin care products you’ll need for glowing, healthy skin every day of the week.


Love working out in the great outdoors? If your regular exercise includes running, biking, hiking, or even playing soccer or basketball outside then you absolutely need to consider a reliable sunscreen for face and body protection. Proper sun protection provides a barrier for your skin to fight off free radicals and harmful ultraviolet rays. Even on an overcast day, UVA and UVB rays can bounce off clouds and cause damage to your skin. We recommend a broad spectrum sunscreen to protect your skin without leaving any grease or white residue. With added micronized zinc oxide, our lightweight SPF 35 Sunscreen is a smart choice to combat sun damage.


After working out, a proper cleanse is super important for your skin. Our light and refreshing facial cleanser will remove excess sweat, leaving impurities and dirt behind. Bonus? You do not need to worry about any irritation on your skin. Whether you need a cleanser for dry skin or a cleanser for oily skin, it works perfectly for your needs. Once you have properly cleansed your skin, you can follow up with our lightweight moisturizer or soothing gel, especially if you had direct sun exposure from exercising outdoors.


Taking care of your body is important, but remember to take care of your skin too with the help of our simple and effective skin care products. Your best bet is to stock up on some skin care essentials before heading to the gym this weekend or playing your favourite outdoor sport.